Charles Schultz first books


I bought this book when I was stuck in a Christian camp as a kid. It was a rainy week and mom wouldn’t let me take a lot of books to camp where I was allegedly supposed to have fun.

I didn’t find that camp particularly fun unless it was when I got sent to Music Camp week. That year two “friends” I went with from church choir and were fellow choir babies were doing their usual torture that they got away with because I never told about their bullying me. It would have just made it worse. Anyway, that week was rainy and I hadn’t anything else to do when I ran out of things to read so I went to the camp bookstore and found this book. I quickly bought and disappeared into my cabin to read. I went back for his other one.

It was hilarious and I still have it somewhere tucked away. It’s no longer in print but it and it’s companion “A teenager is not a disease” kept me laughing in an other wise grim week when we weren’t making music. I wish they would reprint them or but them out as ebooks. Any forced denizen of Sunday School or church activities ” for young people” will recognize the situations.

I wish if I had to be in Sunday School that I could have been in one of his classes.