20 Things You Never Knew About Peanuts And Charles Schulz



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  1. ” he began a correspondence course in art with the Federal School of Applied Cartooning when he was a senior in high school. The school was famous for their “Draw Me!” ad campaigns often seen in magazines and on matchbook covers. Schulz eventually became an instructor there, as well.”

    I worked as an instructor at Art Instruction Schools (newer name for the school where Charles Schulz worked) in Minneapolis and actually met him there when he came to visit his dear friend Frieda Rich. She was the inspiration for the Peanuts character “Frieda with the naturally curly hair.” She was the leading fashion illustration instructor at the school and a wonderful artist who drew countless pen drawings of Twin Cities landmarks. (I own a copy of her book of drawings.) Frieda was also a little person, and I suspect she inspired the little people in Schulz’s comic strip.

    • Very Cool, I had 2 books of his Sunday School cartoons that he drew before he did Peanuts that I’ve always loved, Only someone who was very familiar with being in Sunday School would have found them hysterical but they were

  2. Interesting. I didn’t know about any of his early works. I didn’t really know him, just met him that one time, but Frieda adored him. She even went out to visit him once in California. That was after he got involved with the skating rink, and I seem to remember Frieda saying he had an office overlooking the rink. I think she said he did some of his Peanuts drawings there but can’t recall for sure.

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