We went for a walk out at Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge yesterday. I guess we didn’t go early enough. We got there after 9 and we had water but it was really humid and I ended up getting heatstroke from the heat and humidity so we didn’t even make it half way around the lake before I was too dizzy to go on.

My sister wanted to stop at the store and they have a Starbucks and I got ice tea but when I got home I got sick. The kitty knew something was wrong and tried to comfort me and ran with me to the bathroom and almost ended up getting doused. She went and complained to my sister. I had to take a cold shower to lower my body temp. The fun thing about heatstroke is that once you’ve had it you are prone to getting it again. I ended up flat on my back for the rest of the day knowing full well sleep wasn’t going to be possible for many hours and it wasn’t the fireworks kept up to 3 am. The commercial ones were going to midnight and the neighbors kept it up after that. No I just want to go home and go to sleep.


Where’s my Mama? MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!FB_IMG_1499209815027FB_IMG_1499209826315

Last of the wild roses FB_IMG_1499209837012FB_IMG_1499209852217FB_IMG_1499209858404FB_IMG_1499209863286FB_IMG_1499209871342

They were singing very quietly to their little ones in the nestFB_IMG_1499273692640

I’m out a here!FB_IMG_1499273725698FB_IMG_1499273783568FB_IMG_1499273791090


5 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Hope you’re feeling better now. I’ve learned not to go outside for any length of time if the temp gets above 26-ish (about 78/79 degrees F, I think) other wise I’m outta action for a couple of days.

    Early morning and evening for me, just in time for the skeeters! I miss my three months of snow. 🙂

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    • It was in the high 80s with high humidity. Normally if the humidity is dry I can be out in it but once it gets humid I’m toast. Luckily we don’t have high humidity most of the summer but I was stupid yesterday

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  2. Yep, I’ve done the sunstroke thing and have ever since I went on a hike. Right at the point it was cliffy and dangerous I got sick and my hubby (before kids) had to hold me so I wouldn’t tumble to my death as I upchucked. We had to pack it up and go back. I know now not to go out if I feel it will be hot or humid. And now the fibro kicks in at too high or low temps so it adds to the bedtime in days after. Ugh! I feel your pain. Great pics though!!!

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