Facebook Hates Lesbians

Listening to Lesbians

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How are we doing?

No, this isn’t a website questionnaire asking readers of Listening 2 Lesbians if we provide enough material, or a positive attitude, or if all of your questions and concerns are answered by us in a timely manner.


I can ask that question, but I know for sure we are never going to get a 100% response.  Why? Because as I type this, dozens of us are serving our time in Facebook jail for daring to call ourselves DYKES.  Many of us are on our second or third ban.  Some of us got banned again and again, within mere minutes of logging back on for the first time after a recent ban had been lifted.  We have had reports that these consecutive bans included posts that lesbians had posted on their own walls days to weeks in…

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One thought on “Facebook Hates Lesbians

  1. I think there is a terrible bias towards heterosexuality. When you add society’s misogyny to that mix you get a situation where there is very little respect for homosexuality and women. It’s horrible, and I’m sure that Zuckerberg is oblivious to the problem.

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