Deaf as a post and annoyed more people can’t at least fingerspell

I have a bad cold thanks to a coworker and I’m at work cheerfully spreading the joy. The biggest problem at the moment is that I’m more deaf than usual. And I’m coming to some hard realizations that someone born deaf already knows and some of them are real slaps in the face things like:

If you use a cane and go get your morning cup of tea and a coworker greets you, you have rendered yourself mute. If both your hands are engaged you can’t sign. You can read their lips but answering them back at a whisper just makes them laugh. If I was still on crutches it would be even worse.

I’m amazed at how much hearing people make life difficult for the hearing impaired by assuming other people are going to hear them. My doctor’s office keeps calling me at work and leaving cryptic messages to call them. I’ve told them repeatedly not to do that since I can’t tell background from foreground noise there is no way I’m going to answer the phone and keep yelling “COULD YOU REPEAT THAT” constantly.

And my doctor is an idiot about it and just send when I complained, sometimes they have to call, uh really?? No!

And the fun habit of them walking into a noisy waiting room and saying your name and having to go up 15 minutes later to ask if they are going to call you because you didn’t hear it. Grrrrr.

Even more fun is that I can’t hear much externally but I can hear my ears ringing. I don’t remember ever not having Tinnitus. I’ve had it all my life that I can remember. As a kid I used to listen to it to but myself to sleep but when it’s the only thing you hear it can get a bit old.

The first 2 days when no one could talk to me was rather nice but now I’m felling a bit isolated except for my boss who has discovered the joys of “pinging” me on the in house IM system, she keeps pinging me to tell me I sound terrible and do I need to go home but since this paycheck is rent and I have no PTO because of my damn knee, no I’m not going home. I can rest for three days if I make it through this one. I just emailed my doctor  for a prescription for Tessalon Perles, the only prescription cough med I’m not allergic to, Robitussin is doing doodly squat. My desk looks like a pharmacy.

Gonna be a fun holiday




8 thoughts on “Deaf as a post and annoyed more people can’t at least fingerspell

  1. You mean other people didn’t learn to fingerspell so they could talk to friends in church, especially in the choir? The shame!

    I hope you made it through your day and can get well over the weekend.

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