These 19 Photos Of British Food Are Such A Mess –


3 thoughts on “These 19 Photos Of British Food Are Such A Mess –

  1. I think I detect a touch of snark in a couple…come on, it should be scones in gravy translated correctly.

    That being said can’t talk in my country, we are currently being hauled over the coals for tinned spaghetti and tomato sauce as topping for pizza. (Note: it’s really nice, dates back to the days where we had no fast food chains about or a lot imported foods either and did a DIY thing for a quick lunch with a scone dough base, tinned spag, cheese and anything else you had to throw in there).

    • after going to Wimpies in Edinburgh and ordering a chocolat milkshake and having them hand me chocolate milk that had been shaken with not a bit of ice cream in it like a proper milk shake, who knows

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