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Gaia, those who listen to you, hear your cries

Those who see, see when we do harm to you

Those who feel know your sorrow

Let more people’s ears be open to your sorrows

Let more people see what has been done to you

Let more people feel your sadness

Let use seek to heal what must be healed

The waters, the land and the peoples

Let us know that a small harm multiplies

Let us never cease caring for you

Let us never to cease trying to open the ears and eyes

Of the one’s who claim dominion over your body.

Let us seek to heal you and by doing be healed ourselves

Let us hear the trees and their guardian Dryads

Let us see the ocean’s creatures and their guardian Merfolk

Let us know the fresh waters runnings and their guardian Undines

Let us listen to the earth and her guardian Gnomes

Let us be aware that we are not the only ones must live

On our spinning blue marble.

Let us be open. Let us heal you. Let us live.

Kat 2014

Earth Day Playlist 

Calypso – John Denver

The Eagle and the Hawk – John Denver
The Earth, the air, the fire, the water – Libana
Earth Day, Every Day – John Denver
The Earth is our Mother – Libana
From a Distance – Kathy Matea
Fur and Feathers – Anne Hill
Let there be peace on Earth – Melinda Caroll
Morning has broken – Craig Duncan
Raven’s Child – John Denver
Sanctify the Earth – Circle of Song – Kate Marks
This Piece of Earth – West of Eden
To the wild country – John Denver
Windsong – John Denver

I pray on Earth Day 

I pray for winds that blow both sweet and clear

I pray for waters that wash everything clean

I pray for earth and the nourishing food she grows

I pray for the fire and warmth of the sun to shine.

I pray for trees that are straight and tall

I pray for trees that are gnarled and small

I pray for flowers that greet the day

I pray for the earthworms that plow the soil

I pray for the birds upon the air

I pray for birds that walk the earth

I pray for the buffalo, the wild horse and the boar

I pray for the cow, the sow and the ram

I pray for the ladybug, the scarab and the mosquito

I pray for salmon, whale and dolphin

I pray for trout and pike and bass

I pray for deer and fox and skunk

I pray that all things are balanced, the wild and the tame

I pray for wind and sun and rain.

I pray that Earth Day be every day.

I pray for our big blue marble a drift in a sky of velvet darkness

I pray we live as friends with the earth,

I pray we return to air and fire and earth and water.

I pray we return and I pray we learn

I pray we return and I pray we learn

I pray we return and I pray we learn.