I pray on Earth Day 

I pray for winds that blow both sweet and clear

I pray for waters that wash everything clean

I pray for earth and the nourishing food she grows

I pray for the fire and warmth of the sun to shine.

I pray for trees that are straight and tall

I pray for trees that are gnarled and small

I pray for flowers that greet the day

I pray for the earthworms that plow the soil

I pray for the birds upon the air

I pray for birds that walk the earth

I pray for the buffalo, the wild horse and the boar

I pray for the cow, the sow and the ram

I pray for the ladybug, the scarab and the mosquito

I pray for salmon, whale and dolphin

I pray for trout and pike and bass

I pray for deer and fox and skunk

I pray that all things are balanced, the wild and the tame

I pray for wind and sun and rain.

I pray that Earth Day be every day.

I pray for our big blue marble a drift in a sky of velvet darkness

I pray we live as friends with the earth,

I pray we return to air and fire and earth and water.

I pray we return and I pray we learn

I pray we return and I pray we learn

I pray we return and I pray we learn.