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Trump Supporters Say They Are Going To Boycott Hawaii And People Are Trolling

Guess they’re too stupid to remember December 7th

Beauty and the Beast is coming

Saturday we have tickets to see Beauty and the Beast and I’m ridiculously excited. I’m not a Disney Princess kind of girl but Belle was the closest that had come along who was like me until Brave. Disney second set of Disney Princesses are a lot of outcasts probably owing a lot to the large gay contingent in the animation dept according to friend that was a camera operator there at the time. The Littlest Mermaid, Belle, Esmerelda, all were outsiders but Belle? She was a reader. Reading was my escape as a child. If it hadn’t been for books and the places and things they let you do and go, I don’t know what I would be now, probably dead. Even though I was an adult when I first saw it, I recognized that girl. Readers tend to look beyond the surface to see what’s really there.

Anyway, I loved that movie and I dragged my sister twice to see the Broadway show when it came to LA. I still don’t know how they worked his transformation at the end. It was pure stage magic and it has some lovely music that isn’t in the movie. I think my favourite is Terence Mann’s version of “If I can’t love her”. Which in the new movie has sort of been reworked into “Evermore” but not the same.

I downloaded the new soundtrack, or at least the vocal tracks. I’m enjoying it and Dan Steven’s voice is wonderful. Ewan MacGregor isn’t Jerry Ohrbach but we’ll see. I like Emma Thompson’s voice as Mrs Potts.

This, hopefully, will be fun and magical.