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  1. I really enjoy reading your site but I have hardly ever commented here so I apologize for this critical comment—but, I think it’s arguments like this that got Trump elected and may get him reelected. And it’s just a bad argument on top of that.

    So here is why I disagree with this “migrants aren’t taking jobs” argument.

    First of all, why don’t farm worker jobs should pay a living wage and have tolerable working conditions? If the only way the jobs are being filled is that they are taken by people too desperate to get any other, that is a very big problem. It’s not sensible or progressive or even very nice to claim this is a good situation.

    But, more to the point, it doesn’t even counter the argument that immigrants aren’t taking “native-born” Americans jobs. Because if there were no immigrants, basic economics would require that wages be raised/working conditions bettered in order for the job to be filled. Saying that only undocumented, fearful people running from starvation and oppression in their own country are necessary to keep a system of labor going is a crazy argument to make but even so it’s still resting on the claim that, yes, the immigrants are taking american jobs. So it’s not even logical.

    Additionally, ridiculing or chastising or whatever the tone of this argument is trying to do to Americans who won’t take those terrible jobs is just plain mean. Someone who doesn’t want such a job is acting in their own best interest and that of anybody in the country. It’s really the point of unions and solidarity.

    And, yes, we would pay more for food if farmers/corporations had to pay living wages to their workers. I think we should all be demanding to be paid reasonable wages and clawing back some wealth from the top 1% that is holding it. We shouldn’t be justifying exploiting an even weaker group of people than we are.

    So yes to supporting immigrants and the free passage of humans across country border– and no to supporting slave labor and ridiculing someone who won’t take such a job.

    • Right now the farmers are protected from having to pay minimum wage and under Trump that is not likely to change and at the moment there are crops lying in the fields because there is no one to pick them because of the fear of deportation and Americans think they are better than people who are in the fields or in Trump’s hotels making the beds and cleaning the toilets. We are a lazy entitled people and that is a fact. California in particular has tried to get people to do those farm jobs and no one shows up to even try. We want cheap stuff and people shop at Walmart because they don’t make enough themselves. Pipe dreams are nice but they aren’t reality. I found that out as a disabled person who was out of work for 5 years before someone took a chance to hire me. I have no illusions about being poor.

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