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  2. I love this, and agree totally as our library was my refuge while growing up and later a great introduction to the world of reading and readings for my two kids.

  3. I have worked in many different types of libraries and think it is terrible that services are being cut. They enrich our cultural life enormously and open doors to fantastic worlds.

    • I know when I was unemployed for 5 years the library provided so many services. Ebooks because I couldn’t feed my reading obsession otherwise. Internet to upload my books for publishing, dvds for movies I couldn’t afford to see, tv because we had no cable and a bunch of things I wouldn’t have watched if I hadn’t seen them on the shelf. People to interact with when being home alone was even too much for this introvert. And a bonus perk of celebrity watching because of the neighborhood we live in and they brought their kids in to pick out books. It is so much more than a book receptacle

  4. The thing about the majority of people who gets into government, they easily forget their past, and that they usually used all the free services. The moment some gets in government, they don’t take those who can’t pay for those services into consideration.

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