Archive | January 12, 2017

Busy, busy busy

The next few weekends are going to be eclectic to say the least. This Saturday I’m taking my sister to Hogwarts for her birthday and Christmas/Yule present. Her birthday is the day after Christmas and not only did she have to work an 6 day work week for several weeks, the day after Christmas is a sucky day to have a birthday let alone go to a theme park.

I want to wear my Ravenclaw gear but she doesn’t want me to, I think I’m going to anyway. We’ve wanted to go since it opened but couldn’t afford it until now. I want to get a scarf. I have too many wands of all sorts so I don’t need any more after having them for the last 30 years of the Craft, but a tshirt or a scarf. That’s doable.

The next weekend is the Women’s March so that will be crazy and big and exciting but I have to say I thought at 62 my protesting days were done. I won’t be carrying a sign. That’s kind of hard to manage when you have a cane and a backpack of any sort but I will have my camera and plenty of water and Ibuprofen. I kind of want to eat at Clifton’s cafeteria when we’re down there but we’ll see how tired we all are. Since there will be a huge group of pagans going and meeting up.

The next weekend is the Pagan Studies Conference at Claremont Grad University. I really need to finish my paper but I had no idea how huge the topic was going to be: “The Future of Pagan Literature” (fiction only). There is a lot of witchy fiction that is not pagan. (too much and a lot of it’s terrible) There are some very good pagan fiction writers such as M.R Sellars, Diana Paxson and Kevin Hearne and some well-known pagans that have dabbled in fiction that I think are just plain terrible. Starhawk needs to stick to non-fiction because 5th Sacred Thing sucks in my opinion. Read Ursula Le Guin’s Always Coming Home on the same topic and sort of world instead. It’s much better written.

Then there are the pagan friendly or not readily identifiable pagan authors such as Susan Wittig Albert and Annie Bellet. I know Susan is pagan friendly, she has said it but Annie Bellet just calls herself a gamer but the mindset of the books seems awfully pagan.

It doesn’t help that the pagan closet hides some people who just want to sell books or that some authors came out to disastrous results at the time like Mercedes Lackey and won’t even address the topic after pagans attacked her for writing the Dianna Tregarde books. She, unfortunately was well ahead of the urban fiction boom or she might have been okay but the fact that she still writes with Rosemary Edgehill who wrote the Bast series which is funny and an accurate portrait of the NY pagan community at the time and you can recognize people if you know them says a lot about Mercedes as does the jewelry she tends to wear in publicity photos.

Some of the writers I know personally so I know they are pagan. Some are out members of OBOD like Kevin Manwaring and Penny Billington and Kevin Hearne. There are several in FOI as well such as Diana Paxson who also is an ex1st officer of COG and I’ve met at a few of Z Budapest’s campouts. She does an awesome seer’s training BTW. Ellen Evert Hopman and Gail Nyoka are also FOI and some are just plain out like Laurell K Hamilton who uses her Twitter to celebrate the Sabbats.

Anyway, I guess I have a few things to do/