Archive | January 5, 2017

My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Gaian Tarot
Spread: One Card
Date: Thu Jan 05 07:21:57 PST 2017

Your Card
3 ~ the Gardener

It is a time of great fertility and abundance for you. You are pregnant with new creations — an art form, book, project, even a baby. Your appetite for connection, sensuality and creativity seems boundless.

Shadow side: You may be experiencing infertility or a lack of abundance in your life. Remember that seeds are still alive, hibernating underground. You may be experiencing poor health and could be disconnected from the natural world. Get out into the garden and play in the mud.

Presented by The Gaian Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.

Today’s reading 


Four of Cups 

Lethargy or laziness, locking an individual in a cycle of wasted energy, while all around is the source of inspiration, there for the taking. 

… apathy… lethargy…, being unaware of the bounty of life around. Being shut indoors, bored and unstimulated. Pent up frustration. Need to get out into the world.