My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Gaian Tarot
Spread: Modern Celtic Cross
Date: Sat Dec 24 10:06:12 PST 2016

The Significator
Child of Earth

The Child of Earth is fascinated by the natural world and is learning new ways to connect with it. He may be concerned with health issues and is starting a new way of eating or a new exercise program. Or he may be learning how to take care of his money and other resources responsibly.

Shadow side: Someone may be too attached to possessions and might be valuing others by how much they earn. He may have an unhealthy lifestyle and is resistant to change. It’s time to start fresh and begin a new relationship with the material world.

This Covers You
3 ~ the Gardener

It is a time of great fertility and abundance for you. You are pregnant with new creations — an art form, book, project, even a baby. Your appetite for connection, sensuality and creativity seems boundless.

Shadow side: You may be experiencing infertility or a lack of abundance in your life. Remember that seeds are still alive, hibernating underground. You may be experiencing poor health and could be disconnected from the natural world. Get out into the garden and play in the mud.

This Crosses You
Elder of Air

The Elder of Air shows us how to experience communion with the Great Mystery through worship, praise, or meditation. This is a time for making decisions. Make sure they are made ethically with fairness to all. The Elder of Air offers the gift of inspiration, balance, and clarity.

Shadow side: Loneliness, self-pity, or even illness can cause someone to forget how to commune with the wisdom of the world. A sense of isolation may be in play. This may encourage someone to cultivate an aura of mystery for ego reasons, making matters worse.

The Root of the Matter
Four of Water

It’s time to replenish your emotional reserves. You may want to make a pilgrimage to a sacred place near your home or far away. If you do, remember to take along an offering for the guardian spirits. By honoring them, you open the way to receiving their blessings.

Shadow side: You may feel drained and empty. You may feel bored, lethargic, or emotionally unstable. Time to turn all that around. Go to the water, even if it’s your own bathtub. Allow the water to wash away your troubles. Find a way to come into emotional balance.

The Past
Nine of Fire

You have reached a time in your life when you are self-confident, self-possessed, and at peace with yourself. You use your personal power responsibly and competently. Because of your spiritual practice, you are able to handle anything that comes your way with calm equanimity.

Shadow side: You may feel disconnected to the great power source of All That Is. It is time to start (or begin again) some kind of spiritual practice. There are many to choose from; try several out, then stick with the one that works best for you.

This Crowns You
Ace of Water

It’s time to follow your heart’s desire, instincts, and intuition. Your heart is full and you desire connection with others in friendship, romance or with compassion. Go with the flow of the river as it makes its way down to the sea. Trust the wisdom of your own heart.

Shadow side: You mistrust your emotions and intuition, and are putting limits on your dreams. You have many good reasons why you just can’t follow your heart’s desire. Learn to trust your feelings and intuition.

The Future
Nine of Earth

You’re at the peak of your creative powers, and are well paid for your work. You are connected to your family and community, yet have time alone for creative and spiritual pursuits. It is a time of peace and plenty in your life, both internal and external.

Shadow side: You may be restless and unsatisfied, even if you have an abundant lifestyle. Consider what you need to be truly secure and prosperous, then recognize how much you already have.

Hopes and Fears
Child of Water

The Child of Water is tender-hearted and dreamy, and has a rich imaginary life. She may be attracted to a new spiritual path or philosophy, or drawn to a new art medium. She may be experiencing love for the first time. She needs to embrace her emotions, dreams, and imagination, and let her heart be filled.

Shadow side: Someone may be overly sensitive or lost in a fantasy life. She could be disappointed by love, or afraid of opening up her heart. She may have been deeply wounded as a child; if so, she is being nudged to find help and move into a place of healing.

Family and Friends
Elder of Fire

The Elder of Fire embodies the power of transformation. With her gifts of the shamanic and healing arts, she may use charms, spells, and incantations to facilitate needed change. There is currently a chance to slip between this world and the Otherworld, moving power and creativity back and forth between the two. Make things happen!

Shadow side: Beware of someone who is pushy, arrogant, and self-important. Someone who has ambitions to be a leader may be thwarted. There may be a temptation to practice a form of unethical magic. What will you do to bring yourself back into balance?

Dreams and Ideals
Explorer of Air

The Explorer of Air’s ability to learn quickly serves him well. He is a skillful problem solver and strategist. He offers intuition and insight and is eager to investigate alternative ways of doing things. This card reveals someone who may be a bit of a rebel or iconoclast, but who also loves to teach and share their knowledge.

Shadow side: Although intelligence and wit are important, sometimes these skills are used in an arrogant, hurtful way. Be sure that you don’t care more about your ideals or arguments than you do for the experiences and feelings of others.

What Will Come
Ten of Earth

Something you thought had ended in your life is beginning to burst forth with new shoots. The long journey to see your work succeed is finally paying off. What do you consider to be great wealth? In what ways does your work support and sustain others?

Shadow side: Have you allowed overwork and overwhelm to trap you? In what ways might you be struggling with outmoded family expectations or social class prejudices? Mother Earth Herself is the example of plentifulness, diversity, and sustainability. Be willing to let go of your demands, and allow her to bless you with abundance.

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