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On Female Erasure – Gender

Since it’s written by some of my friends, I Have to get this but I would anyway, present to myself for Yule.

Dead Wild Roses

I completely need this book.



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New Pagan temple in Poland

Whispers of Yggdrasil

It’s happening again; first it was Iceland who started to build the first major nordic pagan temple after a thousand years of christianization in the land. Then, it was Denmark with a very beautiful viking wooden themple to the norse gods. Now pagan history continues with a project to make the first pagan temple to the Slavic gods in Poland, after christianization spread through the land and wiped out all the old temples to replace for the ones of the new faith.

This year, Poland celebrates the 1050th anniversary of Christianization of the country and its people. But the pre-Christian believes were never truly forgotten or left aside, and the pagan faith still lives on. In the city of Wrocław, in Poland, the neo-pagans, or ,the rodnovers from Slavic pagan association Watra, have a new project in had – to build a temple to their old slavic deities. For now…

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