Dear Trans Women:Part 2 by, Judith Bell

In Permanent Opposition

Penis Privilege and Female People’s Coerced Choices

If you are a trans woman, you may not identify with the experiences I related (in the last chapter of this piece). That’s because you experienced male socialization as a child. Many aspects of male socialization are terrible burdens and are hard to deal with, such as the glorification of violence, the demonization of the feminine, and the suppression of emotions. Male socialization can be traumatic, or even scarring. But the purpose of this is to prepare you for the male dominated society that you will be entering.Male socialization gives you the tools necessary to wield power and influence as an adult male in a patriarchy.Successful male socialization perpetuates the systems of power that are already in place and positions you at the top of those systems.

Male socialization does not guarantee success. There are many disenfranchised males in…

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