Archive | November 28, 2016

For a healthcare company, work can be clueless about disabilities

A few weeks ago I got this weird request for a phone meeting with some guy in HR in the conflict resolution dept ( I didn’t even know we had such a thing) . A totally clueless dude in HR in another state. I had to ask for his phone number three times before he would give it to me even though I pointed out I was hard of hearing and needed to call him from a conference room with a phone pod I could turn the volume up on. That should have told me a lot there about what was about to happen.

I was being accused of making a threat and some poor millennial little girl was now afraid to come to work because of my threatening behavior. He asked me if I knew X, I said no, then he asked if I knew her by another name. I had no clue who this person was and I still had no clue what it was about. I don’t threaten people.

It turned out that this little twit who has been changing in the disabled restroom when I had to pee had reported me to HR because the last time she had made me wait I had very calmly pointed out it was a disabled stall not a changing room and that was all I had said. I guess I’m a big bad scary old lady.

The HR idiot asked if maybe she didn’t know it was the disabled stall and I pointed out she would have to be blind and stupid not to know and actually I should be the one reporting her for using the stall since she is not a disabled person. Especially since every time I had caught her at it she scurried out of the restroom and refused to look at me and she knew I was waiting because I talked to all my friends who came in while I was waiting and they commented on my having to wait.

So then the idiot said why don’t you just go to another floor and I pointed out I used a cane and I was not the one in the wrong but that was the same stupid and insensitive response I got when I complained to HR last year about the problem. And I reiterated I should be the one filing the complaint not her since I had done nothing wrong except being someone with a disability that had to pee due to age and the fact that I had had scar tissue removed from my bladder and I was the one who shouldn’t be waiting and that I had no problem with the other women on the floor who also have disabilities and the handicapped stall is not a changing room and she could have used the gym locker room since she was changing at lunch to go to the gym. Then he wanted pictures of the stall to prove it was marked and yes it is clearly marked dead center in the door and it has bars which I use in the stall. So after the call I had to go into the restroom and take pictures and explain what I was doing to the women who came in while I was doing it because no one wants a photographer in the bathroom.

So I did and I sent him the pictures and the more I thought about it the madder I got so a few days later I wrote his boss about his cluelessness about women with disabilities and that since last year everyone in the company had to take an online class about people with disabilities I felt he might need to take it again. And I told her I had not threatened anyone at all. And I pointed out demanding people who are hard of hearing take a phone meeting was a little stupid and that the fact that I have various disabilities is documented on my HR home page that all of HR and upper management has access to so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to him. I also pointed out he was a TAB and really shouldn’t be that insensitive and he in an HR conflict resolution dept.

I haven’t heard a peep out of HR again. The twit showed up after being missing in action from work for about 2 weeks last Wednesday, she’s in another dept on the opposite side of the floor and I hadn’t really noticed her before except when I had to pee and couldn’t. I know she told HR she was afraid to come to work because of my alleged threat. Really??? I can’t even run after someone and I never came near her because I was leaning against the basins out of the way.

I was told I couldn’t tell my boss or anyone else at work about it and it’s been almost a month and I have no clue whether I should request status or just forget about it but the whole thing is ridiculous