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Oidhche mhath leibh

1 [E]
Cha’n ‘eil inneal ciùil a ghleusar,
Dhùisgeas smuain mo chléibh gu aoibh
Mar ni duan ‘o bheòil nan caileag;
Oidhche mhath leibh, beannachd leibh.

There is not a musical instrument that is played
Which awakens the thoughts of my heart to joy
As does a song from the lips of the lassies,
Goodnight and blessings upon you.

Séist [C#]
Soiridh leibh ‘s oidhche mhath leibh
Oidhche mhath leibh, beannachd leibh;
Guidheam slàinte ghnàth bhi mar ruibh;
Oidhche mhath leibh, beannachd leibh.

Farewell and goodnight to you,
Goodnight and blessings upon you;
let me wish health always to be with you,
Goodnight to you and blessings upon you.

2 [E]
‘S guth gu ‘m chridhe pong nan òran,
Caidir sòlais òigridh ‘seinn;
Aiteal ciùin air làithean m’òige;
Sonas a bhi’n còmhnuidh leibh.

Séist [C#]

3 [E]
Mathair uisge ‘n tobair fhìoruisg’,
Cainnt ar sinnsir brìgh na loinn;
‘S faochadh tlàth o ànradh m’inntinn,
‘Nuair bheir rann na glinn a’m chuimhn’,

Séist [C#]

4 [E]
Grian cha laidh an nochd air mìltean,
Leis am binn a fuinn ‘s a roinn,
‘S do’m bi’n sgeul ‘na mhór thoil-inntinn
Dh’innseas dhaibh gu’n robh sinn cruinn.

Séist [C#]

5 [E]
Astar cuain cha dean ar sgaradh,
‘S dùrachd daimh am bannaibh toinnt’;
Gleidh an t-àgh na dh’fhàg a bheannachd;
Oidhche mhath leibh, beannachd leibh.

Séist [C#]

6 [E]
Thuit ar crann air saoghal carach;
‘S coma sud, tha ‘mhaitheas leinn;
“Bidh sinn béo an dòchas ra-mhath,”
Oidhche mhath leibh, beannachd leibh.

Séist [C#]

A happy Insomniac

I have never had a nighlight. Nighlights are kind of stupid if your kid is pretty much blind. and for some reason as a kid the little sight I had was fantastic at night. I now know it has to do with having white retinas. Most people don’t. They are also called blond retinas sometimes because it usually is paired with having blue eyes. It’s something that every time I get a new opthamologist they feel bound to comment on for some reason as if someone that has been seeing eye doctors since birth wouldn’t know already.

I used to be the kind of person that falls into bed and passes out until morning but that changed a few years ago. And now I have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep if my mind revs up like it did at 4 in the morning. Meditation does not seem to help and I already take some meds that the side effect is supposed to make you sleep and I don’t need any more chemicals in my system than I already have cruising through.

But… on a whim a few weeks ago I got this little goodie and it seems to help. If just because watching it whirl around the ceiling gives me something to do instead of obsess on non consequential things. A side benefit is my sister’s cat like to come in and watch it so I get kitty company. I should have gotten the one with the timer but this is fine for now.

So now at the great age of 62 I have a rather magical nightlight. Amazon also has one that does ocean waves on the ceiling I may have to invest in.


Today’s reading 


Page of Cups 

This tiny bird, both sexes covered with the colours of the rainbow, is equally at home in the air or in the water. With its remarkable ability to dive beneath the water and catch fish, the kingfisher has been symbolic of ancient wisdom and lore for centuries. 

The beginning of healing, perhaps tears bringing emotional release. The cup is a precious gift. 

A person who will guide you to a place of healing, perhaps by a message or gift. 

Be aware of small signs, that may have later significance. A special person who moves in and out of your life. A free spirit, elusive, but dynamic whose positive energy is illuminating.