Archive | November 21, 2016

Fantastic Beasts – no spoilers that aren’t in HP canon

I never thought I would say this but I liked Fantastic Beasts better than any of the Potter movies with the kids. The screen play had so much more information in it because it was written by Rowling. Also since no book preceded it you didn’t really have a mental impression about who or what the characters are or should be doing.

There is also a major plus in that the actors in the movie are experienced adults in the main roles and are trained good actors and are more capable of embodying their characters. They have nuances to their acting that the kids just weren’t capable of until the last movies.

Eddie Redmayne is excellent as the Hufflepuff who is more comfortable with his creatures than he is with people. He has a wary, jumpy side when with human beings unless he is defending or dealing with a situation his creatures have caused.

Colin Farrell is great and you aren’t sure til the end whether he is a good guy or a bad guy. And Tina ( Katherine Waterson) and her sister( Samantha Morton) are excellent as Newt’s future wife and companions on the journey and I loved the No Maj Kowalski, Dan Fogler who gets not quite obliviated at the end.

The movie is a wild journey and I loved every minute of. If you have the tiny chapbook read the foreward and Bio and you will have enough info to go on.
My sister who refuses to read the HP books badly wants a niffler. I will go with befriending a griffon or a bowtruckle.

I did go wearing my Ravenclaw gear and we had to do the assigned seating expensive tickets because it was the only one without 3d or IMAX which gives me migraines.

We HAVE to go again! I still need to see Dr Strange and the new Star Wars is coming.