Archive | November 11, 2016

Gone with the Faeries

Okay, the faeries are at it again. Our cat, Coirbidh normally sleeps with my sister but almost every night this week she has been chasing something in my room after midnight. She also has been staring at something about 7 inches off the floor. My sister says she’s chasing the faeries.

They haven’t been active in a while but something maybe the Samhain has brought them back in the house.

This morning I was missing a clean pair of leggings. I have four pairs that I have been wearing since I had the tumour removed in January. I still can’t stand anything tight or not soft. Anyway, I’ve only worn 3 pair this week and I turned my room upside down looking for the last clean pair. It was nowhere to be found. My sister told me it was getting late and I better take my shower and went to finish dressing and downstairs to feed the cat.

So I did, when I came out of the shower the leggings were on the end of the bed neatly folded on the tshirt I laid out. I give up.

So when I went downstairs my sister asked  me where the green shopping bag was the cat lies on in the living room. It was nowhere to be found.

I think an offering is in order tonight after dark in the yard.

But at least I got my pants back.

It’s been a rough enough week without that.