Today’s reading 

 The Blasted Oak

What appears to be a total and random dissolution or destruction of your beliefs and relationships is timely and natural. What was built on shifting sand is swallowed by the sea and you are liberated from being a powerless victim. 

Now you have a base on which your true inner strength can grow and rebuild your world. This may happen suddenly, with shocking speed. The trauma may leave you stunned and confused, but the fiery blast that sent you falling to Earth with a bump has also jolted you from a state of trance or dreaming that allowed you to avoid dealing with pro-found and fundamental issues. 

Don’t be angry or bitter at this passing. For whatever has gone never really belonged to you, so be patient, wait and learn from the process of loss. 

You have been out on a limb, clinging on to an untenable situation. The air is charged with emotion. Pent up tears or anger are released. Although these times are often traumatic, this is the first stage of healing; yet there may be a loss of stability as the familiar is replaced by the unknown. 

Be gentle on yourself and give yourself time to heal. The thunderbolt could also be thrown at you by a figure in authority, using their power over you, as anger, or intimidation, for instance. 

Use the balance of Strength to stand up to them or seek help.