Karma can be swift if you are stupid

Last night was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever watched. I so wanted her to win, instead her direct opposite won. He’s virtually illiterate, he’s a misogynist, he’s a racist, he’s liar, he’s a cheat, he’s xenophobic, he’s a bully that lashes out. He’s child rapist. He only went to Wharton for 2 years and it was too hard so he left. He’s a vindictive asshat. He married an immigrant twice but hates immigrants.

I’m not surprised that people who hate people who have education and critical thinking skills and are bigots themselves voted for them but I am angry at the third party idiots who voted for Johnson and turned the tide in FL and MI. The man didn’t know what Aleppo was for pete’s sake.

The ironic thing is that a Republican Congress and President can now repeal Welfare, Education grants, Medicare, Social Security, the programs a lot of the people who voted for him use. Whoopsy.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will probably return. Mining and logging will now be possible in National Parks, The Koch bros have been trying to mine the Grand Canyon for years, better go see it before it’s a strip mine. The EPA and the Dept of Education could go as well as OSHA laws, get hurt because your employer violated the rules, too bad so sad. Banking reform laws are you serious?

If you are a minority, an immigrant or a non-Christian of any sort, we just joined a theocracy that brooks no difference.

The Handmaid’s tale is coming for women. Roe v Wade and Title ix, is now under attack.

Trans people better keep to the bathroom laws or you will be in trouble,  as far as these people are concerned you are an abomination in their eyes. And there is no gender neutral, non binary or any other precious flower in the eyes of the law.

If Obamacare is repealed a lot of people will have no healthcare and preexisting conditions, well you won’t be able to afford it anyway, and because I work in healthcare insurance I may have lost my job. Ironically, I won a contest at work by the Ethics and Compliance dept and it’s company tote bag with a water filtering bottle, a mirror for distress signalling and a pen. Guess I’m ready to be a prepper.

I’m wearing black every day until the Inauguration, my hopes just died.

Welcome to an ugly new world, I’m glad I live in CA and gee we can all get stoned now so were sedated and won’t mind when we get screwed.

4 thoughts on “Karma can be swift if you are stupid

    • One can stupidly have hope for change and I did as well as a lot of other women that took joy in voting yesterday. My great grandparents moved my grandmother from Canada in 1901 because she couldn’t breathe in the cold in winter, guess I wouldn’t fare much better there,


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