Trans Women, Lesbians + Clits On Sticks!

Smashing Gender Prejudice And Patriarchy

In December 2014 when I came out as a gender non-conforming human being (or Trans if it makes it easier) I was surprised to see so much anger towards the Trans movement by women. I was taken by surprise by the anger of how so many women felt towards the Trans community. However I ignored it as to be honest I was just doing my own thing rather than be part of the Trans community.

Anyway while it’s cool to be me I decided that maybe the Trans community could do with some support and maybe I should go to trans meetings as feelings were running very high between us and radical feminists.

So off I went to the first meeting.

Well here I am at this first meeting and from the very start it just came across as men in dresses feeling sorry for themselves and blaming biological women…

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