Archive | October 22, 2016

Oidhche Shamhna or Samhain Night or Hallows Night

A night that challenges our fears and our assumptions of who we are and what the world we see in daylight really is in the dark

What are you most afraid of within yourself? What can you do even in a small way to face that which you fear? Is it worth the cost or is the fear in a strange way a comfort? Does the fear keep you from being happy? Does it give you Nightmares? Does it keep you from taking chances that might improve who and where you are in your life?

This holiday is when the harvest must be in or it will be left in the fields for the ancestors, spirits and the animals. This is the harvest of the root vegetables that have spent their long time in the dark. What have you kept in the dark that is ready for harvest now?

This was the time the herds and flocks were culled and those that would not make it through the winter or those whose numbers could not be supported through the winter were killed for food and preserved in the winter. What needs to be culled in your life because it can not be supported? What must be preserved?

It is a time of celebration of the living and a time to celebrate our much loved dead. What wisdom have they passed down to us? What love did they kindle within us to love in others? What love will always last? How do we share that love for and with others?

This is a feast that honours our family and our ancestors.
This is a feast of love.
This is a feast of what grows within and without.
This is a feast of death and life.
This is our feast for the New Year.
This is our feast as Witches who change and touch the world.
This is our Feast!