Archive | October 10, 2016

Knee woes

I seem to have done a number on my bad knee on Friday. Back in 1990 I had to have the knee rebuilt. I went to the surgery thinking I’d be on my feet in a few days for a simple meniscectomy, it wasn’t. I woke up in horrible pain (3 shots of morphine and it still hurt and they wouldn’t give me anymore) and a delighted doctor because he got to do an experimental procedure. Good thing he was a friend because I wanted to kill him. I thought I was going to go up to the Gay Games and ended up completely non-weighting bearing for 8 weeks and looking forward to a year of PT. Why? Because instead of tearing off the bone like most people, my meniscus tore with complete blood supply so the doctor sewed it back to the bone instead of removing it. I also had torn the medial co-lateral ligament, the ACL was partially torn as well as the hamstring and I popped the knee cap off in the opposite direction that most people pop it off from and I had to wear a robo brace for many years to hold it on. He told me I would have to have my knee replaced in 2000 but I didn’t need it.

I have been babying it for many years. Friday I was walking to the mall across the street to pick up the lunch I had ordered and I felt a chunk of cartilage slip from the good side of my knee under the knee cap and it stopped wanting to bend and it hurt like holy hell. It also swelled really oddly which is normal for me. I had driven to work that day instead of taking the Orange Line so I could at least stop at Target for groceries and meds and get home and am eternally grateful that it is my left knee and I have an automatic car.

Unfortunately, I had to do errands on Saturday, my sister doesn’t drive so it’s up to me to drive her. She needed a new pillow because her neck was bothering her and of course, it had to be a feather pillow so that meant Bed, Bath and Beyond not a Target pillow and we needed groceries. I did insist that we go to our Farm Store, I wanted fresh just picked that morning corn and other things and I wanted,, stupidly to get my first pictures of the year of the pumpkins, stubborn, is my middle name.

The corn was definitely worth it though.

I hurt the knee originally at work because I was doing a lot of weightlifting and an hour of ballet a day and teaching folk dancing to the Girl Scouts and my muscles were stronger than my tendons. We got new carpeting and chairs at work and I was on the phone with an investigator and pushed my chair back to get a file. The chair didn’t move but my left knee bent 90 degrees to the left. I hung up the phone and screamed. The ligaments and tendons had given way.

I had to have surgery and they made me wait 6 months because it looked funky on the MRI which were new at the time and they hoped it would heal. Nope, I spent over a year and a half on crutches or a wheelchair and had to get a robo brace like they make the NFL player wear. It was this heavy royal blue geared monstrosity in heavy plastic and huge Velcro straps to hold my knee cap in place while they hoped it would stay attached to the bone.

I was supposed to go to workshop by a friend on Irish Gods but that went out the window when my knee started to look like one of the pumpkins.

So I’m using my cane everywhere and have a thermacare across my knee under my leggings.

So not fun! Glad I have my magic bullet 80mg Ibuprofen, I could got to a stronger pain killer but I refuse.