Archive | October 7, 2016

Just thinking about how interesting life is going to get for Millennials that are about to hit their first Saturn return.

It just occurred to me that a lot of the millennial generation or at least the ones on the leading edge are going to be entering their Saturn return in a year or so. Shit is going to get real.

Millennials are defined as reaching adulthood around the year 2000. A Saturn return starts depending on your astrological chart somewhere between 27-31,
all the people that have been yelling about trigger warnings and avoiding things that upset them are going to get hit right between the eyes and they will not have the coping skills to deal with it.

Saturn is the planet of death and to progress in your life you have to face a lot of different deaths. They can be real death or sickness or it can be a relationship or the collapse of values and constructions you built your life on up to that point.

It can be the first time you deal with huge responsibilities, Saturn is heavy. And your Saturn return generally means that that heaviness is going to sit on your weakest point and break it.

What happens when you have been living a life of avoidance? You have no coping skills or at best, weak ones. It can lead ill-equipped people straight into self-medication of some sort like substance abuse or severe phobias instead of turning around to face the monsters you have created because if you don’t you are going to get it harder in your late 50’s when you are even less resilient to physical stressors.

I had pretty good coping skills for the most part but I had a terrible time during my first Saturn return. The Goddess was using her Louisville Slugger right and left. I stopped working at Summer camps. I started my first professional job and finally graduated and got my BS because I realized I needed to go back to school and I realized I didn’t want to be a Supervisor at Penneys all my life. I had to move more than once and I hate moving. I came fully out of the closet, (that takes years sometimes) I became a Wiccan and learned to deal with the lack of shields I had once everything got stripped away. My gay male friends were dying left and right. The mid 80’s sucked. I had to divorce myself from my parents for a while and go into therapy. I had to restudy all my grandmother had taught me growing up.

Will all the brand new baby Pagans that proclaim all us old fogies know nothing, stop and listen, probably not. But if you are a Bride of Loki, Kali, Skuld, Hecate, etc, and any of the other more interesting shit flingers get going it will be very real all of a sudden and not how they expect. It’s going to come where you least expect it. Or will they go running back to the arms of the Christian Church because it’s predictable and not scary?

In short life is about to get really interesting for a lot of people. What are they going to do? There will be no trigger warnings beforehand.