Archive | October 4, 2016

Home invasion

20160806_143957_resizedThis is our burglar. I came down stairs to find my own favourite treat scattered across the living room. I love to eat peanuts in the shell and how the burglar knew they were on floor next to the couch I do not know but she clawed a hole through the screen. I came downstairs and heard an odd noise and my bag exploded all over the couch and she leapt to the window and made her escape through a hole that has now been duct taped. We don’t leave that window open unless we are downstairs anymore.
If you are sitting on the couch now, she jumps on the screen and berates you for spoiling her fun, even if we have put peanuts out for her on the stump which we do almost every day.

Last night she got a surprise because the cat was relaxing on the back of the couch under the window. Not who she wanted to see at all and they were nose to nose through the screen saying naughty things to each other for a while. Coirbidh was very forcefully telling her she was not going to come in. It was very funny except that I kept hoping the duct tape would hold.

Once this weekend I was lying on the couch and I saw a tiny hand reach up under the duct tape and I had to swat the screen to make her retreat. She is determined to get any peanut she can find inside the house. Are house peanuts v outside peanuts from the same bag the squirrel equivalent of bathroom v kitchen water when a small child is going to bed?