2 thoughts on “Fake Olive Oil Is EVERYWHERE! Here Are 7 Popular Brands You Should Stop Buying NOW! | Live Love Fruit

  1. So – what options does one have if their local stores don’t stock any of the “acceptable” olive oil? I refuse to use vegetable or corn oil, personally…and Washington state doesn’t exactly have local olive farms or farmers to support!

    No, I’m not buying stuff from California, so that option is out.

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  2. I would highly recommend Grapeseed Oil. It is very healthy and great for high heat cooking. I also use it in muffins and cakes as it is wonderfully light.

    Real extra Virgin Olive Oil is glorious and it does not have to Italian. You just have to be very careful what you buy these days. That is why buying organic makes so much sense despite the extra cost. I would rather have a cup of good quality food than a barrel of Factory Farm crap.

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