I has POCKETS!!!

I’m wearing pants and it’s okay! That may not sound like a big deal for most people but I haven’t been able to wear pants comfortably since I had that enormous tumour removed in January. I refuse to wear dresses except maybe in ritual so as far as I’m concerned magical wear does not count and you can’t wear it to work.

What I have been wearing is leggings. I still can’t bear to have anything tight around my middle and the two times I tried to wear my jeans to work I was miserable. Sooo, I have been wearing LL Bean leggings which are thick enough that you can’t see through them and sturdy enough to stand wearing frequently since most leggings don’t. This meant I had to stick to tops that could go over the leggings and cover my butt and look work appropriate so I’ve been wearing very loose flowy long rayon tops that cover my derriere that I got on Amazon, the tops that is not my derriere. It is not available on Amazon.  The other lesbian in the department has been giving me shit about the leggings, at least once a week I’d get, “When are you going to wear pants?” I think the leggings just weren’t dykey enough for her.

I saw in the LL Bean catalog that they had pants for fall that are like the leggings and I got a pair as well as a long vest so I could wear shorter tops with the pants because tucking shirts in stretchy pants would just look weird.

So the first think I got asked this morning by a co-worker was “Do you have an interview?” which I guess translates to “You look nice, Why?”

Since I’m wearing a white t shirt over black pants and a long black vest, I thought someone would think I was dressing like Han Solo.

BUT THE BEST PART IS!!!!! I have POCKETS again! I’ve missed having pockets sooooo much. The worst thing about women’s clothes is the lack of pockets if only because sometimes you just need to put your hands in your pants pockets and when you can’t you can feel so naked. Healing is good!


12 thoughts on “I has POCKETS!!!

  1. How nice to hear of your pockets 🙂
    I also wish more trousers would come with pockets. So need to have them.
    (Sorry, I can’t bring myself to use pants in this context – too much British influence on my English. To go to work in pants just would feel somewhat … awkward)

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  2. Great news of your recovery! Congratulations on being back to pockets. Now you are able to store all that cash???
    For me it’s leggings and tunics. I love the look and it’s comfortable. All I have to do for fall/winter is to trade my flats for boots and I am ready to go anywhere.
    Enjoy your pants! How about a little shopping celebration?

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