Archive | September 26, 2016

Requirements to Register to vote in CA

  • Be a US citizen
  • Live at a California address
  • Be 16 years old in order to register, and be 18 by Election Day, Nov 8, in order to vote
  • Not serving a sentence (including parole) for a felony conviction
  • Not currently found to be mentally incompetent by a court of law

My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Gaian Tarot
Spread: Card of the Day
Date: Mon Sep 26 13:27:04 PDT 2016

Today’s Card
Ten of Air

It’s a bittersweet time of letting go. What plans, ideas or strategies do you need to release as the old year wanes? Who are the ancestors that whisper to you as the geese fly overhead? What wisdom do they have for you?

Shadow side: You may be resisting the progress of time and want to hold on to an endless summer. Surrendering to the natural flow will lead to the discovery of treasures that are only found during the seasons of cold and dark.

Presented by The Gaian Tarot app from The Fool’s Dog.