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Smart Phone Feature for #Introverts — INFJoe

Yeah, so I was thinking that it would be cool to be able to text with someone who is voice calling me. They would hear a Siri-type rendition of my texts. They would have the option to continue their end of the conversation by voice or switch to text. Does something like this exist out […]

via Smart Phone Feature for #Introverts — INFJoe


Today’s reading 

The Ancestor

You have made the leap and started a new cycle. Your instinctive spirit has felt it necessary to lead you to the gateway and a new path. You may have been reluctant or concerned at first, but whether you realize it or not a shift has occurred. You may feel wary of the unknown denizens that await you in the forest, but the ancient Ancestor within you will guide and reassure you as you relearn and greet new experiences on the path. 

Trust your inner voice. Listen to your own instinctive and inquisitive nature. 

Your own inner Ancestor is strong, patient and wise. Let him lead you into the forest with new eyes and a joyful heart. 

The Ancestor is the guardian of all those who have walked these ways before you, holding the gentle wisdom of all ancestral memory. She is the creatrix, calling forth the four elements, (the Aces), and therefore the world itself, into being. 

Drawing The Ancestor means a new start; profound insights, spiritual guidance, a feeling of being on the right path, being guided by means of dreams and visions. A spiritual blessing on one’s life.