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  1. Hmmmm…and at what age, exactly, does one immediately shift from “young” to “old?”
    Age is just a number. Wisdom can occur to anyone, at any time, regardless of age. And some people retain youthful appearances, naturally, while bearing great wisdom.

    White women had the right to free speech before non-white women did, so they weren’t concerned about segregation and the ills befalling other women.


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    Not only do the young women not know this, they often choose to speak about trivial things (like what someone wears or how they are dressed – e.g. WHO they are wearing), rather than speak about important issues like poverty, education, healthcare, etc.
    It saddens me that we have gone so far, only to come back to a place where we are again seen as childish & child-like.
    Peace, love & true equality for all,
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