Archive | August 15, 2016

Percolating ideas

Over the weekend I took a class on Irish mother goddesses at the  Green Man Bookstore here in No Ho from a couple of friends. It was a great class and filled in some holes I had in my knowledge which is always good. I guess I commented a few times and one of the people that are with the store asked if I taught classes in Scottish magic.

I never have partly because it’s kind of hard to get my head around what I was taught as a kid since I was 6 or 7 when my grandmother started to teach me and partly because when I came into the pagan community a lot of people said there was no such thing as a fam trad and they are still saying it. I’ve taught Wicca 101 and various other classes but haven’t gone near what I was taught when I was little or the things I’ve added into my practice through study and reading and experience.

And a lot of it isn’t recognizable as paganism. There was magic and divination but no deities were ever mentioned. There was nature and how to use my psychic gifts which were never called that, it was just what we do and if you knew things you shouldn’t or dreamed things that came true well that was normal.

So, my brain started percolating especially since I was supposed to be at ritual and my digestive tract has other plans so I was home with ideas pinballing around. Partly it’s so hard because it’s praxis and a way of thinking not an actual religion or belief system. I wasn’t taught to believe anything other than what mom and dad tried to force on me at church and Sunday School, it was more a way of knowing. I didn’t have to believe in faeries because I was taught how to see them and know they were there. I didn’t have to believe in ghosts and spirits because I could see the man who came to stand by my bed and other people who wandered through. I didn’t have to believe I had s psychic gift because it was no big deal to know who was calling on the phone to the point of picking it up before it rang. I’m not sure that is teachable.

And a lot of things jibe with OBOD’s 7 gifts of Druidry so it’s closer to that than Wicca or Witchcraft. I made an outline and now I have to think about whether it’s even possible.