For Those Convinced Of Clinton’s Corruption

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Think about this for a moment: Is there any result of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email misuse that wouldn’t have made you even more certain that she was completely corrupt? While she was secretary of state, she used a private email server. She has admitted over and over that this was a mistake. The FBI investigated her, and after their investigation, they concluded that although her private email server was “extremely reckless,” there was no indication whatsoever of any sort of criminal intent. So, if the FBI investigation would have come back and recommended an indictment, you all would have said, “See? I told you so!” But now, when the FBI investigation concludes that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” you are all still using this decision as proof of Hillary Clinton’s perceived corruption, and you’re still standing there, like, “See? I told you so!”

Hillary Rodham Clinton “Is…

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One thought on “For Those Convinced Of Clinton’s Corruption

  1. I think I have reached peak US-election … as much as I appreciate the hunting and gathering you do, which is phenomenal, just so you know 🙂 … and as a Canadian, there’s not a lot I can actually do … I’m going to skip over any more election stuff.

    I’m still ardently attached to all else you send my way though. 😀

    P.S. I may peek through the curtain now and then.


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