Archive | July 19, 2016

Saturday adventures

Saturday we spent the day at Ikea and Target and felt wiped out for the weekend and ended up ordering what we wanted to buy at Lowe’s from Amazon. My sister’s arthritis in her foot and ankle is getting worse and I’m still not up to speed from the surgery.

Going to Ikea is always weird because it’s like getting in a slightly skewed time machine even more than going to the Highland games is. Partly because the Swedish contribution to our upbringing was more stealth than the overt Scottishness that was ever present.

But walking into Ikea immediately brings up the things we absorbed like design elements and food and other little things. We have bookcases at home that Grandpa built over 80 years ago for their house that look like they fell out of the Ikea catalogue except they are a lot sturdier because what grandpa built will last but they are white and except for the formica? Top he put on them to make them easy to clean for her sewing room look just like the not so sturdy low Ikea bookcases I have from my first apartment.

We had two floor lamps bite the big one. One my brother had given me in one of he and his partner at the time’s decorating frenzies. Those two queens would change the colour scheme of their apartment every few years and I scored all the gold metal lamps when they changed them for whatever 80’s trend they were on. Everything was white and gold for awhile including that year’s Christmas tree and I mean WHITE, the kind where they practically wanted you to change your clothes before you sat down. I refused to change my shoes just because it annoyed his partner so much. I was always tempted to visit them on the way home from camping trips.

The other lamp was my grandmother’s lamp that stood by her chair and was over a hundred years old. It literally came apart when I tried to turn it on the other night and the top was hanging by a couple of wires.

We came home with two very elegant lamps. One that is borderline art deco in shape and one that is very plain, basically a plain pole and a triangular bowl shade. But noooo, one cannot just go into Ikea and buy one thing, the only thing that saved us from total destruction was budget and no one at the cashier desk in the food section. So we also came home with a stuffed owl puppet and a very real looking stuffed hare, (when one sees BunniHoTep and under $5.00 one must not refrain, the Goddess insists). We also came home with multitudinous necessary tealights and a giant candle lantern that was on sale, a new cutting board and some glass mugs since my sisters has developed some sort of allergy to plastic glasses and they burn her lips and some other things I can’t remember.

If there had been a cashier in the food /grocery section it would have been DOOM, I say, Doom! Too many childhood foods we won’t make for ourselves like Swedish meatballs which won’t be as good as mom’s, Swedish fish candy, lingon berry cordial or sparkling lingon berry or elder flower juice. They had many flavours of herring which was definitely NOT coming home with us. Grandpa ate it at every meal. They didn’t have it in his favourite sauce which was some sort of white cream sauce or the tomatoey one my mom liked. The had pepparkakor but no Krumkakor, not even the mix. They had Swedish pancake mix but that is easy enough to fake with Bisquick so not necessary. So much salmon and I love salmon but since we weren’t going straight home wasn’t a good idea when the weather is really hot.