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Radfem Burnout – When You’ve Seen What Can’t Be Unseen.

Where The Wild Words Are

One thing I have noticed when traveling in Radical Feminist circles on social media is that my comrades are often missing in action.

A greyed-out name on Facebook shows a group member now absent. A Twitter post laments the incessant attacks and negativity of the platform. A friend will state ‘I need to take some time away from the computer for a while’. It all just gets to be too heavy, too painful at times.

Once your eyes have been opened, once you see what you always felt but were assured did not exist, once it becomes painfully and blindingly obvious how completely skewed against women the world really is, it can be difficult to cope with the gravity of that understanding.

I have had women say to me ‘sometimes I wish I had never seen it’.

I have had women ask me ‘how do you deal with this every…

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