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Encroaching on Transgender Territory? – Jaden Smith

Dead Wild Roses

jadensmith My eyebrow arched with considerable alacrity while reading the title of this opinion piece from The Independent

(‘Jaden Smith as a new face of womenswear might seem progressive – but he’s on transgender territory.’)  While reading and fighting the loss of my irony meter (boundaries not being respected…) said brow remained frozen in place at how amazingly silly the authors points are.  Let’s get started.

   “So, it’s been announced that 17-year-old Jaden Smith, son of American actor Will Smith, is to be the new face of Louis Vuitton clothes. To be more specific, the womenswear section. And  I didn’t even know they had an old face – clearly I’m out of the fashion loop.”


“Jaden seems to be up for this gender-neutral, equal clothing rights thing which allows men to wear women’s clothes without any fear of ridicule.  But there is another, more important issue afoot.”

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