Faire fun

So, yes you can seee how the haircut came out including the cnew curling that is going on. I managed to find something that wasn’t too girly to wear over the leggings I’m still having to wear. And the sunburn I got on a rainy, drizzly day. My friend Diana took the pics of me with my camera and included my lovely cup of ice tea.

Do you see the woman’s face in the peeper tree? Loved he bunny baby. The bottom is Ruth Barrett, Marie Cartier who has a wonderful book out about lesbian bars in the 40s, 50s and 60s called Baby, you are my religion and my clan Chieftan Michael of the MacFarlanes and his booth with lovely goddess and gods stuff called Celticjackalope

2 thoughts on “Faire fun

  1. Oh how cute! Love the hair! How do you feel about it? Getting used to it? Does your head feel lighter? You look like you’re having a ball. Nice to know your health is allowing that!

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