Archive | June 8, 2016

So tired of being attacked by people I thought were my friends

I was hoping that the naked hate for Hillary would disappear from my Facebook feed. I have been attacked repeatedly for being for Hillary and it’s always by straight women. I don’t know a single lesbian out of my friends that isn’t for Hillary. But people I thought were really good friends have been so nasty it isn’t funny. I have never once gone and commented on a single one of their Bernie posts but they have felt free to say some pretty nasty things commenting on my posts.

I have no intention of voting for an angry old white man of either party and yes I could unfriend them but they are friends except for this new Bernie religion they seem to have converted to. Because they are behaving like converts. Bernie is not Jesus, he is not the Messiah, he’s an angry old white man and other than his economic bile he has offered no other viewpoints that I can see and no way to solve the economic ones when called on it.

I want a well rounded candidate that can think on all topics and Bernie hasn’t exactly shown himself to be a promoter of diplomacy. He is more likely to yell at someone. I’d love to see him try that with David Cameron or Angela Merkel or any of the Scandinavian or Dutch kings and queens. They would just think ugly American the same way they do Donald Trump. Can’t we all get along?