3 thoughts on “One Person Attacked Hillary for Her Brilliant, Blistering Destruction of Donald: Bernie Sanders | BNR

  1. Bernie has been (indirectly) supporting the Drumpf for some time…I noticed it a while back, but nobody paid me any heed when I said so.

    Drumpf is what the people want. He is the epitome of the “white race,” because he is what is desired after 8 years of President Obama. The racist fuckwads in this country can’t stand that a BLACK MAN did better than the majority of their WHITE selected “leaders of the free world” – so Drumpf is the backlash.

    I hope that the idiots who sat back and said nothing during the whole “Birther” nonsense, and the shite before that, and all the crap heaped upon the POTUS during his two terms, are happy.

    Then again…are malcontents EVER happy?

    Rhetorical question…I already know the answer. It is what it is.


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