7 thoughts on “And the Salvation Army are homophobic

  1. The Salvation Army is homophobic? Okay…Make-A-Wish is racist. The American Legion is host to many child-molesters. St. Jude only does research on the wealthy who can afford their rooms – not the desperately poor who need medical care the most.

    Have I missed any, or shall I continue denouncing everyone on the “acceptable” list?

    The death of Muhammad Ali has me wanting to speak out much more often, with uncomfortable truths…I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t!


  2. Not from the US, but wasn’t March of Dimes called that because they asked for donations of dimes? I also suspect Lions is working collaboratively with government and non-government agencies to achieve the aim.

    Some fact checking is needed, some are government or international organisations which are quite differently run and funded and you cannot expect the head of a multinational organisation to go unpaid, nor have their responsibilities recompensed even if this appears large comparative with local US based organisations. Also I notice that 5 of the ‘charities’ are war vet ones and surely while of course the need is there for those charities they don’t really mean to take from charities that assist women and children and give them to others? If you say “donate” here it should be to comparable charities rather than to several in the same category which differs from the original work done.


    • I’ve worked with the Lions and they’ve helped an awful lot of deaf and blind children and people who think they are working with the government haven’t thought it all the way through. How else do you get permits to do charity if you aren’t a religious charity


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