Archive | June 3, 2016

Happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my 62nd birthday and I keep wondering how I got here. I don’t feel mentally that old. The body, well that’s a whole different kettle of fish.
I took the day off work and did things for me. Something I don’t do very often but since the cancer scare earlier this year. I decided to take me time when I need it. So I took myself out to breakfast and my one of my favourite diners, the No Ho diner.

Then I did something I swore I would never do again. I got a haircut. People are freaking out at work. I haven’t had short hair since I started as a temp 5 ½ years ago. I had to do it. The surgery stress and the anesthetic was making my hair fall out in handfuls and I was clogging the drain in the shower daily and leaving a trail everywhere of long hair. I’m going to have to give the vacuum cleaner a haircut now. My head feels weird now and the back of my neck feels naked.

The woman who cuts my hair occasionally and my sister’s all the time because she can never get it short enough to suit her, has been cutting our hair for over 40 years. We were both kids but Marlene must have just stated when we found her 4 salons ago because I found out yesterday she turns 71 next month. She is an amazing hair cutter and during award season out here, you can’t get an appointment sometimes unless she finds out its us. She wouldn’t let me pay her yesterday because she said she was so happy I’d survived. Her lesbian daughter died last year of brain cancer like my little brother and I had asked her before my surgery that if I had to have chemo would she take care of my hair and she almost said no because of her daughter and how long she’s known Ali and I. If and when her arthritis makes her quit, I think that will be my last haircut. I have too much trouble when I’ve gone elsewhere. I have a weird shaped head with corners and a huge lipoma and if it isn’t cut right I get these very strange cowlicks especially on the corners and it looks like I have horns not helped by hair whorls that turn in opposite directions. So when Marlene quits, I quit.

I took my sister to dinner at Islands so I could have a Bleunami. It’s they’re blue cheese burger but I have them put grilled chicken in it instead of beef. It’s so yummy. And we watched the women’s soccer game on the big screens. Then we went home and continued our Hobbit/LOTR marathon of extended versions.
Ali gave me an Amazon gift certificate which took about 5 minutes to dispose of and one of my Anam Caras’s gave me the Brighid pendant I had on my Wish List and a tiny Anubis that was also on it. I have heard it rumoured that more stuff is heading my way from my other Anam Cara.

Anyway, It was a grand birthday.