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Gender Enforcement at Five Megahertz

the big board

A picture from an old Lego advertisement from 1981 has been going around lately that shows how toy marketing has changed in the last thirty-five years. I recommend reading this article from 2014 where the woman that girl from the ad grew up to become talks about what she thinks about toy marketing today. It’s an interesting article and includes the original ad if you haven’t seen it.

As someone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, I can say that what Lego did was not unusual. EZ-Bake Ovens had a boy on the box along with a girl or two. Battleship had its “G-4. It’s a Hit!” box with a girl turning the tide in her losing game against a boy. Compare that box to the mid-sixties box. Sure, there was potentially contaminating”girl stuff” that boys like me would avoid, at least when any other boys were watching, but I really…

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An illustrated guide to why grown-ups are playing Dungeons & Dragons again


Pretty funny since I started playing when it first came out in my 20’s and we were the only women in the store where we played.