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Alasdair MacColla and Scotland’s Forgotten Gaelic History

Colin S MacDonald

HWAs a nation, Scotland projects a particular image of itself out into the world. It’s an image that tells of a nation steeped in history, of a ‘proud people’ who are intimately connected to their culture and heritage. Yet the irony is that although our nation defines itself with tartan, bagpipes and clans, we remain painfully ignorant of our Gaelic heritage and the people that actually gave Scotland these markers of national identity.

This ignorance has meant that we’ve come to believe a simplified, almost cartoonish, version of our own history. Scotland’s Gaelic history is complex, serious and fundamental to understanding Scotland itself, but we have replaced it with a series of caricatures and more often than not we are prone to dismissing it as the periphery, something kitsch, overly romanticised and ultimately not really worth taking seriously. We rarely have the privilege of viewing Scottish history from the perspective of the Gael, and they are instead relegated to a kind of ‘bit player’ in someone else’s story.

The idea that Scotland…

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Today’s reading


 The Seer

The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you. Many dreams or desires related to the creative emotional process are ready to be applied in your day-to-day life and you must now give vent to those hidden or suppressed desires. This may also relate to healing, sexual relationships or partnerships. 

Now the manifestation of inner spiritual or esoteric insights into your practical and physical daily life will bring profound rewards and results. It is a sign of maturity. 

The Seer may also relate to creative impulses related to art, skills and crafts, and the joy of bringing pleasure and teaching to others. 

The Seer acts upon her visions, she is not a passive day dreamer. She can be prophetic, aware of much that others miss. (The mediator between The Seer and the community is The Shaman).