2 thoughts on “Pat Robertson: Quit your job if you work with Buddhists so you don’t ‘get infected by it’

  1. I found this sooo encouraging. To have a job that has a lot of Buddhists working there and Pat Robertson calls it a disease! I’m laughing at the absurdity. Christians have been shoving their faith down our throats for so long. They even want to use biblical law ahead of the constitution. He should listen to what Buddhists study. It’s older than the Bible, many teachings are the same. The ten commandments were 1000 years before Moses. The difference – we don’t praise a “being” somewhere out there and expect this being to plan our lives. That plan is made by the causes we make and we live with the effects. The Christian religion is what has infected people and just believe what they are told. Praise God a lot. You can behave badly and get “saved” up to the point of death and you go heaven!! Robertson has said some wacky things in the past but this time he has lost his marbles.

    From a 42 year ex Christian and 28 year Buddhist.

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