7 thoughts on “Oy vey!

  1. I just have to tell you that since I subscribe to your blog via email, my phone makes a little notification sound whenever you post.
    You post A LOT. Whenever my email notifications start going off like crazy, I’m always saying, “Op! Elfkat must be playing around on WordPress!”
    The dinging is annoying sometimes but I wouldn’t change it for the world; the stuff you post is always interesting, amusing, intelligent or just flat out hilarious. I love going through the notifications to see what you’ve posted for the day.

    Much love!
    Smokey Old Dragon


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    Hmmm, no comment. I inherited my first cell phone & my husband wanted to text so we both got new iPhones & I must admit that when he’s driving, I am deleting my junk mail. 😉 ❤
    Peace, love & time to just BE,
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