5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Zealots Are Now Shouting Obscenities in the Faces of Hillary Clinton Supporters, Including Children – The Daily Banter

  1. Wow! Seems Trump is having more of an influence on this presidential campaign than we thought. It’s not democratic for anyone to be using these tactics, Rep or Dem.
    It’s turning it into a ‘Reality Show’ audience or a baying medieval crowd. To scream in the faces of children – what ‘good’ does that do?
    I’m appalled and disgusted at how American politics is going. But I’m more concerned about it may infect other countries’ political activists/supporters.
    It will make politics into a ‘I’m a celebrity – get me out of here’ than a proper political debate and that way leads to a dictatorship – which we would have voted for.

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  2. The vitriol spewed from “Bernie’s Bros (& Belles)” rivals that of Drumpf supporters…almost makes me think that Drumpf is paying Bernie to stay in the race until the end, just to undermine Hillary.

    Attacking her for Bill’s infidelities is nonsensical and baseless. Sad that it’s a bullshit tactic that actually works.

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