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May the 4th be with you



The separation between church and state is razor-thin, but cuts from the church are so much more painful.

This is even worse than the minister that gave the altar call at my Dad’s funeral because mom told him there were pagans and gays there that needed to be saved.

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, think nothing of it, dear. This place is as much your place as it is mine. Matthew says he can post the letter from your nephew here. I have no idea how many people will read it, but I think it is a beautiful letter and should be shared. Harold and I had many disagreements about the Catholic Church, but even he would have been upset by this.

In a world where politics can divide us so sharply into two colors, one would hope the church could paint a lovely canvas of how we should be. Sadly, the separation between church and state is razor-thin, andcuts from the church are so painful.

I mean it. Really.

The following is a letter written by Margaret’s nephew. I have removed the names to spare the bride any embarrassment. ~ Matthew

Dear Father _____,

My name is ______. I am a member…

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In a galaxy far, far away…

From last year and I did love Force Awakens, 🙂

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


IN July of 1977 I had a weekend off from the camp I worked at up in Idylwild and I was kidnapped by my brother because he insisted I had to see a movie, that it was magic and that I would love it. I was tired and ready to fall asleep midafternoon when he dragged me from Glendale over the mountain to West LA to Century City to see a new movie that had been out since May called Star Wars. Cam knew I was a science fiction/fantasy nut and at that point there was very little sci-fi in movies that I liked since most was about a dystopian future and pretty grim. I went under duress.

We went to the Plitt, one of the first theaters with big reclining seats and cup holders. That all by itself was pretty cool and then the lights dimmed and the magical…

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