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 The Hermit

The time of The Hermit is here. Whether he appears in the guise of an outward guide and mentor or simply as a state of mind, you will know it’s time to withdraw and rest. 

After a long journey through the forest many emotions and experiences need to be absorbed. This absorption is the beginning of understanding – not just yourself, but the universe. 

For each person The Hermit comes in a different way. Whether through meditation or solitude in the mountains, whether though simple prayer or the taking of a holiday in solitude, he will light your way to the doorway into the heart of the great oak and the cycle will turn once more. 

The Hermit requires contented solitude to re-establish their every day life after the disruption of Samhain. This is not lonely isolation but a stable base from which to visit others. 

This time away from hectic activity enables you to explore interests in depth, use your talents (Skill, eight of stones) and draw together all you have achieved and desired throughout the year. (Hearthfire, eight of wands).