Adventures in weirdodom

I went to the eye doctor today and had to take 2 bused and 4 trains to do it and it was an adventure in hell. I got up at 5:30 so I could make my 8am appt in Pasadena. For some unknown reason the sheriffs came on at the next to last stop and shooed everyone off the train and told every one it would be a minute. I knew there had been a mentally challenged person screaming most of the way but they let everyone back on and it started back the other way and never went to Union station so I had to take a train back to Union Station and it stopped in the tunnel and the lights went out for about 5 minutes and then it started uo again and went to the station, So I had to run to make the Gold line train. I got there exactly on time and then couldn’t find the entrance for that Dr’s office. Oy!
I did like the opthamologist a lot but I have to have another exam somewhere else for glasses, she doesn’t do them. I did find out that I have no glaucoma, no bad changes from being diabetic for the last 10 years and the fact that I see a dragon periodically is not imagined I have dragon shaped scar tissue floating in my eye. She even drew it for me.
I have my dragon due to anaphylaxis from some clown getting some tiny bit of oat in my breakfast about 3 years ago and I’m deathly allergic and at one point the inside of my eye started bleeding. I remember sitting there thinking, “Why am I seeing a Chinese dragon and watching it grow. It eventually went to a pale see through and not a bloody red dragon. It loves to get playful when I’m on my computer at work so it needs to be checked periodically so it doesn’t stick to my retina. Something I didn’t know. If it does she told me to go straight to the ER. Lovely… But I also have no sign of cataracts or macular degeneration which made my dad blind.
After 2 ½ hours of drops and bright lights I got to put on those lovely stylish light blockers they give you and went and got breakfast and got back on the train to go home.
Was today some kind of Jehovah Witness holiday? They were at every train and bus station and there was one on every train car coming home. I got offered a booklet by a very nice lady and declined it. When we got to the new LA River Park she wanted to know what it was and I told her that the LA river is being allowed to go wild and that was a good thing so she started talking about it was good that people were taking care of the planet. I told her, yes, that was why I was a druid. Had to repeat it twice. She had no clue so she just nodded and blessed me. Can’t wait until she asks someone what a druid is? Wish I could see her face when she finds out she was talking to a pagan.
When I finally made it to the bus at work some weirdo in sweat shorts sat across from me and reached up his pant leg and was diddling himself and wiping his hand on the seat. Ewwwww! I told the bus driver when I got off he might want to disinfect that seat before the next run since work is the end of the line. Can’t wait to go home. I still look like Puss ‘n boots with my eyes dilated but oh well. But it does male you wonder if you’re as weird as they are or maybe you went down the rabbit hole.

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